Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Navigation Album in a Display Box

Welcome to the Club Scrap Navigation Collection Blog Hop.  To return to the start of the hop click here.  This kit fit perfectly with our recent beach trip and Laura Denison's Memory Portal with Center Part album. The Memory Portal box is 9 inch x 7.5 inch x 5 inch and the Center Part album is 8.5 inch x 7 inch x 2.25 inch.

Album and Display Box

Detail of Display Box

Open Display Box with Inner Compass Rose box

I just fell in love with the sail boat shadow box cover and compass rose from the pattern by Laura Denison. Following her pattern and videos I was able to readily make both. The papers and embellishment I used come from a Navigation Deluxe and Navigation Lite kits. To the kits I added chipboard, acrylic for windows, hinge & latch, and blue velum for the water. The diecut words and sand dollar are Tim Holtz Alternation dies. 

Exterior view Display Window

Interior view Display Window
Interior Box to hold the Center Part Album

The Album fits in the Pocket of Inner Display Box

Back of Display box
Album Cover

Display box, Inner box and Album

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I have pictures of pages from the album shown below. To go to the start of the hop link here. You next stop is with Donna at Crafty Colonel. As always your comments are greatly appreciated.

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For the album I printed pictures with backgrounds and embellishments from the Club Scrap Navigation Digital and Come Sail Away Digital kits. Then I printed the pictures at home using 8.5 x 11 photo paper. By using this method I was able to make the pictures in the perfect size to fit the large tags.

To the kit papers I added parchment and black 8.5 x 11 paper, but it turned out I had enough solid paper left over from the kit to make the album. I modify Laura's original pattern by adapting the back flap pocket to look more like the front flap, I used Laura' Denison's new T-square binding, and I only made four pages. 

I love the interactive nature of Laura's Center Part album, so hold on for lots of pictures. The pages are shown closed, then flaps open, and finally with all tags removed. I journaled on the back of tags. 

Front Cover Pocket and Front Page 1

Front Page 1 with Flap Open

Front Cover Pocket and Front Page 1 Tags

Back Page 1 and Front Page 2

Back Page 1 Flap Open

Back Page 1 Tags

 Front Page 2 Flap Open

Front Page 2 Tags

Back Page 2 and Front Page 3

Back Page 2 Flap Open

Back Page 2 Tags

Front Page 3 Flap Open

Front Page 3 Tags

Back Page 3 and Front Page 4

Back Page 3 and Front Page 4 Flaps Open

Back Page 3 Tags

Front Page 4 Tags

Back Page 4 and Back Cover Pocket

Back Page 4 Flap Open

Back Page 4 and Back Cover Tags

 Wow! Thank You for reading all the way down to the end. 

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  1. WOW!!! this is totally awesome.I a stunned by the beauty of your album. It must have taken you some time to get this all done. What a great memory!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderfulhappy, healthy and creative New Year!

  2. Ditto what Hetty said with some more Wow! Wow! Wow! Happy new year to you and yours.

  3. what a spectacular album and display box. I loved how you used what you saw and made it your own. It's a job very well done...

  4. I am impressed that 1)you finished it. Laura's projects are wonderful, but time consuming. I have so many 1/2 finished. 2) and most amazing, you filled it with memories. Most of my projects are empty. After all that work, I never want to look at them again. You amazing me and thank you for sharing.

    1. So true, but I love all those details in here projects. And second, I worked hard to get the pictures into the album knowing that if I left it until after the blog hop I would never do it.

    2. I am always worried that the pictures I intend for Laura's projects will not fit in the album. I never know how many they're going to hold, really. Yours turned out great, Debby! I turned the paper bag album from Nat'l Parks into a beach album and am planning soon to put my pictures from Dauphin Island (across from Ft Morgan) in it. Thanks for the inspiration (and detailed photos)!

  5. Wow, lots of great and fun projects, I am impressed!

  6. What an amazing album and the shadow boxes are just stunning. Great work preserving these wonderful memories!!

  7. Wow, everything came together so well, like it was meant to be! It's really quite amazing . . . great job!

  8. Holy cow! You have created a breathtaking box AND album!

  9. Wow, that is nothing short of spectacular! Thanks for all of the photos of the innards, too!

  10. WOW is right!!! I just adore it, the display window is truly the coolest thing EVER, along with all the innards! I can't stop looking at it, it's so cool.

  11. Awesome album and display box!! Fantastic work!!

  12. What a lovely creation - all of it. The box is amazing but then so is the album! Chock full of wonderful memories it looks like. TFS!!

  13. Beautiful album Debby! That compass rose is amazing! Have a Happy New Year!

  14. Wow! An album and display box..quite impressive!

  15. Could you explain how to make the album or provide a link that does not require people to pay for instructions? Some of us live on a limited income. Thank you!