Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Navigation Album in a Display Box

Welcome to the Club Scrap Navigation Collection Blog Hop.  To return to the start of the hop click here.  This kit fit perfectly with our recent beach trip and Laura Denison's Memory Portal with Center Part album. The Memory Portal box is 9 inch x 7.5 inch x 5 inch and the Center Part album is 8.5 inch x 7 inch x 2.25 inch.

Album and Display Box

Detail of Display Box

Open Display Box with Inner Compass Rose box

I just fell in love with the sail boat shadow box cover and compass rose from the pattern by Laura Denison. Following her pattern and videos I was able to readily make both. The papers and embellishment I used come from a Navigation Deluxe and Navigation Lite kits. To the kits I added chipboard, acrylic for windows, hinge & latch, and blue velum for the water. The diecut words and sand dollar are Tim Holtz Alternation dies. 

Exterior view Display Window

Interior view Display Window
Interior Box to hold the Center Part Album

The Album fits in the Pocket of Inner Display Box

Back of Display box
Album Cover

Display box, Inner box and Album

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I have pictures of pages from the album shown below. To go to the start of the hop link here. You next stop is with Donna at Crafty Colonel. As always your comments are greatly appreciated.

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For the album I printed pictures with backgrounds and embellishments from the Club Scrap Navigation Digital and Come Sail Away Digital kits. Then I printed the pictures at home using 8.5 x 11 photo paper. By using this method I was able to make the pictures in the perfect size to fit the large tags.

To the kit papers I added parchment and black 8.5 x 11 paper, but it turned out I had enough solid paper left over from the kit to make the album. I modify Laura's original pattern by adapting the back flap pocket to look more like the front flap, I used Laura' Denison's new T-square binding, and I only made four pages. 

I love the interactive nature of Laura's Center Part album, so hold on for lots of pictures. The pages are shown closed, then flaps open, and finally with all tags removed. I journaled on the back of tags. 

Front Cover Pocket and Front Page 1

Front Page 1 with Flap Open

Front Cover Pocket and Front Page 1 Tags

Back Page 1 and Front Page 2

Back Page 1 Flap Open

Back Page 1 Tags

 Front Page 2 Flap Open

Front Page 2 Tags

Back Page 2 and Front Page 3

Back Page 2 Flap Open

Back Page 2 Tags

Front Page 3 Flap Open

Front Page 3 Tags

Back Page 3 and Front Page 4

Back Page 3 and Front Page 4 Flaps Open

Back Page 3 Tags

Front Page 4 Tags

Back Page 4 and Back Cover Pocket

Back Page 4 Flap Open

Back Page 4 and Back Cover Tags

 Wow! Thank You for reading all the way down to the end. 

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Club Scrap Watercolor Christmas Blog Hop

watercolor cmas hop photo Watercolor Blog Hop-1_zpsj7165reo.jpg

Welcome to the Club Scrap Watercolor Christmas Blog Hop featuring art work from Smarup Murthy at The Storyteller.  To return to the start of the blog hop link here.

Today I made an accordion card using the Club Scrap Watercolor Christmas Greetings to Go kit. The kit will make three of these cards, just add your pictures. I think I'll use mine for post Christmas brag books to send to grandparents or family members far away.

Accordion Card Front - Closed

Accordion Card Front - Open

This has ten 5x7 pages, four with pockets, to hold your favorite pictures. To make it you'll need a Club Scrap Watercolor Christmas Greetings to Go kit, paper trimmer, adhesive, a scoring tool, and an optional corner rounder. For a complete tutorial see the end of this post that includes pictures of each two page spread.

Front side showing three - 2 page spreads for pictures

Backside showing two - 2 page spreads for pictures

Thank you for coming to my page to a different ways to use Smarup's beautiful artwork from the card kit.  The accordion card tutorial is below.  To go to the start of the hop link here. You next stop is with Jen at Scrap Happy Sisters Ink. As always your comments are greatly appreciated.

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Watercolor Christmas Greetings to Go

Accordion Card Tutorial

Start making your accordion card by separating the Greetings to Go kit into three equal sets each with 4 sheets of 10 x 7 white card bases, 4 envelopes, 4 black mats, 2 green mats, 2 red mats, and one cut apart sheet. Trim the cut aparts using the marks given.

For the card base you need to score one 10 x 7 card base at 5 inches, score two 10 x 7 card bases at 1/2 inch and 5 1/2 inch.  Fold the score lines and bend each 1/2 inch tab back to create a z fold.

Three Card Bases - Scored with adhesive on the tab

Line up the scored pages so the short page (4 1/2 x 7) is face up and the tabs are toward center 5 x 7 single folded card. The single fold card can be trimmed slightly (1/16th inch) to make sure the card folds are even once the tabs are attached. Attached the tabs to the center single fold card.

Connect Card Base - Short sides at front and back.

On the card front mount a red mat and the inside square greeting. Make the belly band by trimming the remaining 10 x 7 white based to 1 1/2 inch by 10 inches.  Score at 2, 2 1/8, 2 1/4, 2 3/8, 2 1/2 from each side.  Trim a black mat to 4 x 3 1/2. Mount a vertical cut apart on the trimmed mat.

Front Prior to Belly band closure

Add adhesive on the band edge wrapping loosely around the card front, you'll want the band to still slide off easily once you've filled it with pictures. The band is score to allow a 1/2 inch thick card once filled. Attached the prepared cut apart to the belly band making sure to center it on the lower part of the red panel. This means the band will be off center as shown below.  Finally add the greeting to the red mat so it shows above the band. 

Belly band closed

Belly band removed

Two different types of pockets were applied to some pages: a half pocket page and an envelope pocket page. 

Back pages 7 & 8 with a half pocket

Front pages 3 & 4 with an envelope pocket

For the half pocket page a black mat is trimmed to 4 1/2 inch x 3 1/2 inch and mounted on the top half of a page.  Then a horizontal cut apart is scored at 3/8 inch from each short end and adhesive applied. Use glue on the bottom of the cut apart to close it. Make 2

Cut Apart Half Pocket tabs
Front pages 1 & 2 with a half pocket

For the envelope pocket page seal an envelope with adhesive. Then trim to 4 1/4 inch x 6 1/4 inch by only trimming two sides to form a pocket.  I chose to ink the edge lightly with black before applying it to the page. Then add a green mat. Make 2.

Trimmed envelope pocket
Back pages 9 & 10 with an envelope pocket

Use your remaining pieces to decorate the back and other pages as shown.  The remaining white card base measuring 10 x 5 1/2 was cut into three mats for the pockets. 

Back decorations

Front pages 5 & 6 with diagonal mats
Finally add your pictures and any other embellishments for a quick brag book. I suggest using a larger envelope or padded mailer due to the thickness.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moroccan Spice Memory Box

 photo 1115_hopbadge_zps5tsgcneg.jpg

Welcome to the Club Scrap Moroccan Spice Collection Blog Hop.  To return to the start of the hop click here.  I just love the rich colors, motifs, and gold accents, so I want to make something special. Then I had a flash of inspiration and came up with my own design for a photo display box.

Memory Book Closed

Heat Embossed Die-cuts and Embellishments
The cover is made with an assortment of Club Scrap embellishments, die-cuts, heat embossing, and stenciling. When you open the book using the ribbon it has two large flaps for pictures and journaling.

First Flap Open

Both Flaps Open

Ribbon Wrapped Corner

Inside it has a set of four pockets set on the diagonal for more pictures and journaling. Each pocketed flap holds a standard mat for a 4 inch x 6 inch photo. The pockets nest such that the top two are raised above the bottom two. Then when open the pockets lay out flat. 

Upper Flap Pockets Open

All Flap Pockets Open

The Gold Print is Hinge For Pictures
I look forward to fill this with pictures and using it as a coffee table display.  Thanks for stopping. If you'd be interested in a tutorial leave a comment and I can write it up. Your next stop is with the talented Donna and Crafty Colonel. To return to the beginning link here

Happy Crafting and Happy Thanksgiving,

Debby H.